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VSK PRO – ZEO s.r.o. with registered office at Južna trieda 125, Košice, has a designated mining area for the extraction of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) in the Kučín Quarry deposit.

VSK PRO – ZEO is a member of the international VSK MINING GROUP, which is focused on mining minerals. Paltentaler Minerals GmbH, a member of the Paltentaler Holding group, with head office in Rottenmann, Austria, entered the company as a strategic investor in 2010. Paltentaler Minerals GmbH gradually transformed into MEB Migulator Entwicklung & Beteiligung GmbH by 2016

The company’s top priority is the quality of its products and related services, as well as the overall development of the company in terms of the mining and processing of zeolite using the latest technological processes. We place tremendous emphasis on complying with the principles of sustainable and environmentally conscious development.


  • 2004 - founding of the company - the sole partner Ing. Vološin established the limited liability PRO-ZEO s.r.o. by filing its establishment deed
  • 2009 - Sale of the company - entry into the multinational VSK MINING GROUP
  • 2010 - Entry of new partner - PALTENTALER MINERALS Beteiligungs GmBH (foreign know – how)
  • 2016 - Transformation of PALTENTALER MINERALS Beteiligungs GmBH into MEBMigulator Entwicklung & Beteiligung GmbH
  • 2018- member of INZA, IZA

Organisational structure

Company bodies:

  • Statutory body - managing directors
    Ing. Eduard Hudy, managing director
    Gernot Tauterer, managing director
  • Authorised agent
    Ing. Matej Rosiar

Company management:

  • Operations and sales manager: Ing. Matej Rosiar
  • Responsible for mining activities


  • 65% - VSK MINING Ltd. (Thessalonikis, Nicolaou Pentadromos Center Limassol, Cyprus)
  • 35% - MEB Migulator Entwicklung & Beteiligung GesmbH, (Rottenmann, Austria)

Kučín Quarry

Clinoptilolite is the extractable raw material in the deposit and is evenly distributed throughout the rock on-site. The Kučín deposit has confirmation of the high quality of the natural clinoptilolite, which is among the highest quality deposits in the world.

The deposit and the mining area are located 300 m to the south-west of the town of Kučín in the Vranov nad Topľou district. From a geological perspective, the deposit band of zeolite tuff between Kučín and Pusté Čemerné forms a single contiguous unit.  The deposit was created by zeolitization of ash ryodacite tuffs settled in an aquatic (marine) environment. The deposit is in a single layer. The massive complex of Hrabov tuffs is the result of a single volcanic and sedimentation process that was not interrupted by another sedimentation process.

The 0.24 km² deposit is located approximately in the north-western part of the zeolite tuff (Hrabov tuff) deposit zone of the Lower Hrabov Layer (late Badenian Eastern Slovak Neogene Basin). The body of the deposit forms an irregular polygon on the surface (in the area of the plate body).  On the surface, the longest lengths are 1240 m from north-west to south-east and 184 m from north-east to south-west and covers 23.54 hectares.

A total of 23,820,000 are the calculated and approved zeolite reserves in the designated Kučín deposit.

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