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Quality is an important and integral part of the company strategy of VSK PRO ZEO That is why we has implemented Quality Control system.

It is our mission to provide high quality and safe products to the market In order to meet the highest quality constraints we has integrated a high level Quality Department.

VSK PRO ZEO constantly strives to improve the quality and safety of its products and assists its partners in meeting the same internal quality standards We assure our customers that the feed materials feed additives and premixtures they are procuring are safe in terms of quality traceability and reliability Moreover we assure that they are manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Our Zeolite products are backed by solid R&D data and come with outstanding technical service This is realized by holding the most relevant Quality Control labels FAMI QS, ISO 9001 and QS system These form a solid basis for VSK PRO ZEO’s Quality Control System and result in an unmatched level of safety and quality which is recognized worldwide.