Natural zeolite

Zeolite is a natural mineral with extraordinary physical properties based on its unique crystal structure and mineral composition.

Natural zeolite, in this case clinoptilolite, is a hydrated aluminosilicate of alkali metal and alkaline earth metal cations with the ability to exchange their exchangeable cations (Ca 2+, Mg 2+, Na +, K +) for others.

The crystal structure itself forms tetrahedrons (SiO4)6- and (AlO4)5-, with Si-O-Si bonds and a system of channels and pores. These are the specific physical and chemical properties of zeolites.

Properties of zeolite

The properties of a zeolite - Clinoptilolite, are based on the exceptionalism of its crystal structure. Zeolites are porous crystalline adsorbents with pores of a uniform size, and characteristic for the given type. They only adsorb those substances that can penetrate through the pores inside the crystalline cavity, meaning those with a critical molecular diameter of less than the diameter of the pores in the given zeolite.

Other properties:

  • high ion exchange and selectivity
  • reversible hydration and dehydration
  • high adsorption capacity
  • catalytic properties
  • resistance to aggressive media

Technical parameters

Characteristics of zeolite – Clinoptilolite

Macroscopically, the zeolite sourced from Kučín is a compact rock, light green in colour with a seashell refraction. The dried raw material has a light greyish-green colour.

Specific weight: (specific mass): 2200-2440 kg/m3

Bulk density: 1385-1905 kg/m3

Absorption: 39%

Porosity: 24 – 32%

Partial NH4 exchange capacity: min. 0.65 mol/kg

Total NH4 exchange capacity: 1.3 mol/kg

Chemical composition by weight:

SiO2 64.18-75.50% Al2O3 10.93-14.80% MgO 0.29-1.43% K2O 1.24-4.24%

Fe2O3 0.12-2.45% CaO 1.43-11.68% Na2O 0.10-2.97%

Mineral composition: clinoptilolite - 82 - 84%''

Zeolite applications

Natural clinoptilolite is used in various areas thanks to its specific physical and chemical properties determined by its exceptional crystal structure.

  • and many others
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