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Mining & Sale
of Natural Zeolite

VSK ProZeo is an industry leader in the mining, production, and distribution of natural zeolite. With a global delivery network, our natural zeolite can be delivered to any location in the world.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a natural mineral with incredibly absorption and catalyzation capabilities. The natural mineral was created millions of years ago from volcanic lava and saline solutions. It is made up of a honeycomb, sponge-like structure and has a unique negative charge, making it perfect for absorbing water, toxins, and even heavy metals. Its natural capabilities allow it to be used to improve digestion in animals, boost agricultural growth and even filter and purify water and air, amongst many other applications.


Areas of Application


Natural feed additive
Biological & Organic Premix additive
Mycotoxin binder
Livestock bedding
Odor reduction
Soil conditioning


Universal adsorption agent
Odor reduction
Universal, natural filler and sorbent


Wastewater treatment
Eco-friendly pool cleaning & treatment
Biogas production optimization
Ecological Sand Alternative
Organic and ecological winter road safety


Personal use for digestion improvement
Pet bedding and odor control
Aquarium Filtration
Soil conditioning

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