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Clinoptilolite, sedimentary type 1g568
Registered manufacturer: SK 100500
Quality certificate: FAMI-QS

ProFeed is a natural material, an aqueous aluminosilicate that acts as a multifunctional natural ballast.

Available fractions 0.0 – 0.2 mm, 0 – 0.3 mm, 0.3 – 1.0 mm, 0.2 – 0.6 mm, 0.5 – 1.0 mm, 1.0 – 2.5 mm

ProFeed – sedimentary type clinoptilolite is a feed additive classified as Technological Additive – binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants. ProFeed is recommended for all types of feeds and feed premixes for chicken, turkey, hog, beef cattle and salmon. ProFeed utilises the primary characteristics of clinoptilolite: ion exchange, selectivity, high adsorption capacity, reversible hydration and dehydration and resistance to aggressive media.

ProFeed binds undesirable substances such as ammonia, cadmium and leads through its selective adsorption abilities. It reduces the ammonia load on the environment from faeces and urine, which has an overall positive effect on livestock health and output. Any impact on vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients is completely prevented.


Content of active substance: min. 80% clinoptilolite.
Dioxin content: max. 0.75 ng WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ/kg.
ProFeed dosing:  evenly mix into feed batches.
Packaging: 25kg paper bags, 1000kg Big Bag – bulk material.

Complete Feed Mix

Recommended Dosage

Hogs 6 to 10g/kg
Piglets 10g/kg
Chickens and turkeys 7-10g/kg
Beef cattle 100-130g/kg

Maximum Pro-Feed dosing is 10,000 mg/kg of complete feed mix. It is recommended to add ProFeed to 1% of the complete feed mix and its inert for both livestock and the environment.

Feed Solution Areas


Health & Condition

Effective in the prevention of ammonia and heavy metal toxicities, poisonings as well as radioactive elements uptake and metabolic skeletal defects. Zeolite can be utilized as mycotoxin-binding adsorbent. Involved in many biochemical processes through ion exchange, adsorption and catalysis exert immunostimulatory effects, capability to adsorb glucose, antidiarrheic effects and strong antioxidant activity.


Antibiotic Reduction

Optimizing gut health by lowering the substrate (crude protein), optimizing the microbiota in the gut by lowering the number of pathogens and optimizing the number of beneficial bacteria. This allows for lower usage of antibiotics, leading to more biological and organic end-products.



Rumen Health & Fermentation

Improving lactation parameters of dairy cows and growth performance of beef cattle, balancing available nutrients in the rumen, balancing pH of the rumen and balancing rumen microbes, substantially reduced ammonia concentration in rumen digestive tract, traped most of occurring heavy metal ions, bioamines and some of the harmful metabolites. A healthy rumen will lead to healthy animals, higher production efficiency and less usage of antibiotics.



Substantial increase in the  absorption and utilization of all bioavailable nutrients present in a feed, which can be used by the animal. Ion-exchange, reversible hydration and dehydration additionally offer additional beneficial properties for feeds.


Stability & Quality Of Feed

Better stability of compounds, processing, product features and interactions in a feed. Positive hygroscopic features and heat stability in Feed processing. Great compatibility with other ingredients in the diet for normal and premium feed production, homogenous and 100% natural feed additive.


Environmental Solutions

Optimizing efficiency and maximizing output with little  extra input, lowering crude protein in the feed and nitrogen emissions. Furthermore decreasing usage of arable land for plants by supplementation of amino acids. Animal husbandry comes with the responsibility to minimize pressure on the environment, we can help you achieve that.


Heat Stress

 Great electrolyte balance and perfect osmoregulation are zeolite’s main mechanisms to help during the heat stress of many animals. Heat stress can be steered via nutrition and appropriate zeolite feed additives. Help your animals feel better.


Feed Digestibility

Increased nutrient digestibility, the slower passage of ingesta through the gastrointestinal tract and increase in the microbial activity in the small intestine. Those are just some of the direct effects on feed preference, acceptability, intake and can be essential to reach desired effects.


Foot & Claw Health

Optimal litter quality for farmers to protect against impaired foot and claw health. Impaired foot and claw health limits the mobility of animals, lowering the production performance of growing animals and the durability of reproducing animals. Lower mobility may also impact the production performance of growing animals due lower access to feed.


Mycotoxin Control

Functional adsorbents able to bind specific mycotoxins in the gastrointestinal tract, alleviate the toxic effects of polar mycotoxins (e.g. aflatoxins and fumonisins) with serious impact on the performance and well-being of production animals.


Egg Quality

Optimizing eggshell quality, providing the right profile of minerals, optimized microflora, the animals digest better and efficiently, absorb all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain high and strong eggshell quality. 


Udder Health & Cell Count

Support by optimizing the immune system and antioxidant status of the animal itself, especially the mammary gland. Helps to increase milk yield, milk quality, the welfare of the animal and antibiotic reduction.




Formulating ruminant rations in order to reach healthy and top performing animals.



Feed solution improves the efficiency of feed utilization in Poultry.


Feed solutions for profitable and sustainable swine production.


Best nutritional solution for overall animal health.


Nutrition for the vitality and health of your animal members of the family.


Aquaculture – optimization and filtration for a diverse and dynamic industry.

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